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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

This is Halloween

For Halloween this year Griff had to work so the girls and I went Trick or Treating at his job. Blakelee made a haul just there. All the departments gave her handfuls of candy and cookies!! She was in heaven!!
Afterwards we went to my parents house and put Blakelee down for a nap. When she woke up it was time to head to Lindsay's house for her Halloween party. But we had to take a few pictures of Blake in her cute Bee costume!!!
"Blake what does a Bee say?"
B- "SSsssss" I guess Buzzz and Sssss sound alike haha!
We had White Chili, pumpkin seeds, apple cider, and pumpkin dessert! It was Delicious. After dinner all the kids got into their costumes to hit the neighborhood!!!
These 3 girls were so excited to go get their candy on!!!
Last year Blakelee went trick or treating but didn't quite get it.. this year the girls showed her the ropes. It was so cute!!! She wanted to keep up with Laryssa and Jae so badly but couldn't go as fast as them. She kept saying "aiitt" (wait!!) Once they got to the door Blakelee would say "tank you, bye!" it was adorable!!! She couldn't say trick or treat but she was at least polite!!! There were a few older guys dressed up kinda scary looking... they were right behind us. As we were leaving the porch they were coming on the porch. Blake would get scared and start reaching for me to help her while pointing and saying "eee scarueee!!!!" (eee Scary!) She had a blast!
There was a Halloween Ally just up from Lindsay's house they were giving everyone full candy bars, hot chocolate, home made donuts, pop corn, and just having a party. It was so cute!!!!
Then just down from my sisters house they have this house that goes all out. They do Halloween dances to raise money to benefit Huntsman Cancer. They do a Thriller Dance that is always fun to watch. I put Blake's in the stroller so she wouldn't run around while we were watching. And she would pull the sun shade down when ever she was scared or the dancers got close to her. They are dressed up like the thriller zombies.
Always a good Holiday for sure!!!!

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