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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Heber with the Babes

On November 7th Lara and I went to Heber to meet up with my mom, sister, Jori, and Debbie for our scrapbook retreat. Everyone but Lara and I, spent Thursday threw Saturday there. But with my new little one I wasn't able to be away that long. So I was glad that I was able to be there for Friday. The food is amazing!!! That makes it worth it! We eat like royalty!! 
They had lots of fun prizes, even though I didn't win anything.
So many cute Christmas cards you could make.
A necklace making station.
A snowman making contest.
and a few spreads that they supplied for us!
I have been working on Blakelee's baby book... Yes I am still trying to finish it!!! I am only to November of her first year.... So I have some major scrap booking still to do!
We scraped our hearts out. Watched comedy shows. Ate and Ate and Ate. And sat in the Hot Tub! As the night went on Lara and I started packing up for the drive home!!! I was so sad that we couldn't stay!!! Spring for sure I will be there the whole time!!
Love Heber Scrap booking!!!
Love all these girls to death!!!!

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