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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Savvy's New Borns

September 17th we went to Camera Shy in Lehi and got Savanna's new born pictures taken. We also had them take a few of just Blakelee for her 2nd Birthday! She did a great job. I was a bit stressed not so much about Savvy but about Blakelee. She is my little spit fire. She likes to do things on her time and in her way. I love how much sass and personality she has, but for things that she needs to be happy and smiling I get stressed out. But she did awesome!!! She smiled and was having a blast having attention. I love getting family pictures taken. It is so much fun to have them to look back on and see how much the girls have changed. It is amazing that even from our maternity pictures, that were taken only a few months before these, how much Blakelee has grown up!!
I love these girls!!! I am one blessed mama!

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{Lara} said...

Ahh I love those pictures! Beautiful family!