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Monday, October 27, 2014

girls st. george trip

On June 26th-29th Lara, Blake, and I made our way down to St. George for the weekend and stayed at Lara's dads house. We left around 5 on Thursday night and started our drive. Blakelee did pretty good. She didn't fall asleep until about 30 mins away from arriving! Haha!! Stinker!
Once there we unloaded the car and got settled in for the night. Got Blakelee into bed and Lara and I watched some Greys Anatomy. 
In the morning we hit up Kneaders for some breakfast then went over to the swim at the community pool!! Blake loved it so much. She is a little fishy. They had a little kids pool which was perfect. All the kids had toys and everyone was pretty good and sharing what they brought with all the other kids.
Just soakin up the sun!! It was such nice weather!
Little Miss is shirtless because I totally forgot to pack one for after swimming... So she had her skirt at least so people knew she was a girl haha!
After swimming we decided we really wanted a snow cone. We had a little list of fun summer things we wanted to do while we were there and of course snow cones was one of them we need to check off!! So we found one of the huts that makes the really large ones with ice cream in the middle. The line wasn't to long so we thought how perfect!!!
Little did we know that they were the slowest snow cone place on the earth!!!! We did not get our for over an hour. Blakelee was losing her Patience as well as us haha. But it was worth the wait ( I think haha!!)
We then went back to the house and put Blake down for a nap and we got cleaned up so we could go get some dinner. We went to Pizza Factory, it was Delicious!!!
Next stop was Tuacahn!!! We went and saw Little Mermaid. Luckily they had a day care that you could pre pay for. So when we bought our tickets we bought Blakelee a spot in the day care, since she is way to little to sit through the play. So when we got to the play we walked around with Blake's as long as we could before we had to drop her off. 
We then went and took her to drop her off, they gave me a pager so if they needed me they could reach me. It also had a bar you could scan on a TV screen during intermission that brought up the cameras in the day care so you could keep tabs on your little one! It was perfect.
The play was amazing!!!!! I love Tuacahn plays!
Once the play was over and we got home it was beyond late!!! Blake's was out cold!!! So we all went to bed and slept great!
In the morning we went to The Black Bear Diner for some breakfast!!!! Yummy!
We then decided to hit up the outlets and all the stores we could!! We did some damage!! We did have to take a break and take Blake's home so she could nap because she was getting ornery. But as soon as she was up we were back at the stores. Oh How I LOVE Shopping.
We of course had to put Blake's in her new outfit for the rest of the night.

This cute waterfall was out back of the Lara's dads house!! 
I want to live here.
She is a monkey lover. Defiantly her favorite animal just like her momma!!!
We thought it would be fun to roast marsh mellows and have some goodies and watch some more Greys this night. So while we were out buying all the goodies Blake's Crashed, she was exhausted trying to keep up with us all day long.
So when we got back we went put Blakelee to bed and went outside to get the fire pit started... But it was out of gas... Dang it! So we decided to get creative haha and roast them over the stove. Not half bad.
In the morning it was go home day..... Boo!!!
So we got up cleaned the house, did some laundry, got ready for the day, loaded the car, and took out the trash. Then we said bye to the house and hit the road!! We did stop at a few more stores and Paradise Bakery for some lunch before we headed home.
My little sun worshiper!
Seriously the nicest house ever!!!!
Goodbye St. George until next time!!! 
We will have to go again Lara!! But next time just us girls, no kids haha! As much as I LOVE my kids, it wasn't much of break when you still have to revolve your trip around nap times and tantrums haha!

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