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Friday, October 3, 2014


The weekend of Easter was defiantly eventful!!
In the morning my Grandma had her egg hunt with the family. Blakelee had an absolute blast running around the backyard looking for all her eggs so she could get her presents!!
That night our friends came over to color eggs. It was such a fun day and night filled with Easter fun.
Easter morning was great! Blake was spoiled!!!
She got so many fun gifts from the Easter bunny.
That morning we opened gifts and went to church.
After church we went to my moms for her dinner and hunt.
The girls had a blast looking for their eggs at Grandma Lonna's.
Both grandparents came over to celebrate with us.
Best Buddies!!
They love each other and ask for each other all the time!!
Blake will say "momma where Jae??"
After dinner and hunting we did gifts. Thanks mom and dad for the fun gifts!
We did our gender reveal after all the fun was coming to an end. I made a cake with pink in the middle so when our families cut into it they knew what we were having!! A GIRL.
We then went over to Griff's parents house. They gave the kids a cute little gift. We then did our gender reveal with them as well.
What a great Easter!

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Lindsay said...

Can you email that picture of my family?? That seems like yesterday!