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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Blakelee gets stitches...

April 24th 2014 was a very memorable day for us! My mom sister, her girls, Blake and me were at my moms house about to go get some food before we went up to Heber for a scrapbook retreat. The girls were all playing and running around. Blakelee was wearing her new rain boots that were a little to big for her feet... as she was running from my moms entry way on tile to her TV room that is carpeted. She tripped once she hit the carpet. she ran right into a side tale and her head hit the corner. She started crying and my mom ran over the fastest and realized her head was bleeding. My sister grabbed a towel and I noticed the cut was deep... I started to cry. My mom and sister didn't understand why I was crying until I said "she needs stitches!" My heart sunk... I felt like a horrible parent! My mom kept telling me to calm down so Blakelee could calm down. We grabbed our keys and headed to the Jordan Valley Hospital. I called Griff on our way to tell him what had happened and that we would keep him in the loop. Once to the hospital they checked her cut to see if she needed stitches and sure enough she did. They put some numbing cream on a band aid and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Then came back and had to wrap her up in sheets so they could keep her still while they stitched her up. They then had to put more numbing medicine near the wound with a needle... I was mess!!!! I was balling as much if not more then Blakelee was. I felt so bad and that the cut was in the middle of her forehead. I was sick to my stomach. 
Blake was a trooper and got a Popsicle once they were done. She was glaring at them the whole time after they were done. My mom and I got her in the car and she immediately fell asleep. We went back to my moms house and let her sleep for a few hours. I kept checking on her just in case.... With a head wound you never know!
We then decided she was going to be in good hands with my in laws, Lara, and daddy if I still went to my retreat.. I almost didn't go! But we loaded up the car and took her over to Debbie and Scotts...
(she was eating a cracker...)
She is such a strong girl!!!

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Lindsay said...

That day was so scary! But she is doing great now and I don't even notice the cut.