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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Happy Turkey Day

For Thanksgiving we share the holiday with both of our families. We do his family earlier in the day and my family a little later on. 
So this year his family had dinner at 1pm we made it over a little early to hang out with everyone. Every body was their except Devin this year!! He is doing his residency down in Arizona and was not able to make it up... We all missed him. Once dinner was ready we all sat and ate the most delicious food!!! Oh how we love Thanksgiving, all the food is amazing!!
Blake's first Thanksgiving meal. Last year she was only a few months old and was not able to eat anything. She loved the potatoes and turkey!! She would walk around the house with a piece of turkey in each hand loving life!!
All the cute cousins together.
Little Blakelee eating her turkey haha!!
The Bland family missing Devin and Whitney because she was taking the picture.
I had to post a few of these pictures of the little ones because some were adorable and some were a crack up!!! I loved them all so much, just be glad I didn't post every one I took because it was a lot but they were all cute and hilarious! 
ps Blakelee freaked out when I took her spoon away so i just gave it right back to her so she would smile in the pictures.
After the Bland dinner we headed to my Grandmas for her dinner at 3pm. Most of my extended family was there. It was again another Amazing dinner!!! We were stuffed to the brim. 
My grandmas place settings!!!
Love it! 
Let the second fest being!!!
My uncle brought play station or xbox... one of the 2, for all the boys to play once dinner was over. They all had a blast! Once they were done playing they kicked on the football game over the projector and most of them fell asleep!
Cute Grandpa!!!
Blake found some toy cars and loved them so much!! Maybe we need to get her some.
Pie time!!! Blake's was a huge fan of pumpkin pie, she ate every bite and was so upset once it was all gone.
Once dinner and pie was over we said our goodbyes and loaded up the car!! Blakelee had not slept all day long, she was such a trooper!!! The minute we left the driveway she was out cold. We went back to the Blands to get ready to go Black Friday aka Thursday Night Shopping. We bathed Blake's and put her in her jammies then laid her down in the pack and play while Griff and his dad watched the rest of the football game. We all had a turkey sandwich and just hung out. Once ready to go shopping we ran Blake's over to my moms so she could sleep there while we went up to Park City. We got up there around 10:30pm and went to the Walmart to load up on our DVDs that they had for $2 and up. We then went over to the outlets but it was getting late, the lines in the stores were way to long, and Griff had to work early. So we left to go get Blakelee and headed home. We made it home around 2:30am and asleep by 3am. Poor Griff had to be up by 6am.
Driving up to Park City
What a great Thanksgiving this year was!  

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