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Friday, November 8, 2013

Our Baby is ONE

On September 29th we celebrated Blakelee's 1st Birthday!!
We invited our families over to our house for some cake and presents.
My cute friend Lara slept over on Saturday night and helped me all morning on Sunday to prepare for the party. It was so nice having her there!! We baked B's cake, cupcakes, and made fruit tarts. We had lemon water and served them in mason jars with cute straws. I wanted to do a mint and coral theme with white birds.. I sorta followed the theme but it was hard to find coral colored party attire and I couldn't find white birds that was worth the money. So at the last minute I decided that I would just do baby pink, mint, and yellow. I would use the owls that I had around my house. And honestly I think it turned out really cute. Some people say not to go all out on their first few birthdays because they are to little to remember any of it... I think that the first birthdays are for the moms!! So of course I went all out for her and for me. I love party's and of course I had a blast getting all ready for her first one!! My baby is ONE!!!!
Stephen was not able to stay for the party he had some stuff to do with his family so Lara did stay.
Everyone started to show up so we just hung out talking until everyone was there.
Once everyone showed up we began to open her presents. She sure did get spoiled!! It looked like Christmas morning in my living room. I loved it. Blake on the other hand was very nervous as to why there were so many people in her home and around her. She was crying and was very mad if anyone took one of her gifts away from her.
Very mad!!
 I had to capture this!
Once she finally calmed down she loved all the toys that she got!!
Boy and did she get a lot of toys!!
And lots of clothes which we are so grateful for!! She didn't have very many clothes in her size and now she has a great amount and some super cute ones at that!!
After presents we sang happy birthday to Miss Blakelee!! I will admit I teared up during the song. It was such an emotional day knowing that my baby was turning 1 and that she is growing up. I am so proud of her and so excited to continue to watch her learn and grow!!!
At first she had no idea what to do when I placed her cake in front of her. She just starred at it. My sister took some of the frosting and put it in her mouth so she realized it was to eat and that it was yummy!! She then started to eat the frosting but I thought she would dig into it and eat the cake too.. So I took her hand and placed it in the cake and she pulled away and was kinda grossed out haha!! So she continued to eat the frosting. We ended up cutting her a big chunk of the cake and placing it on a plate so it was easier for her to eat. That way we could all try the cake and have some of the other goodies.
After cake everyone hung out talking for a bit as Blakelee enjoyed all of her toys!!!
Thank you to everyone who came. We missed you Dev, Meg, and Beau and so wished you guys could have made the trip up!!! Thank you for all the fun clothes and toys you all spoiled little B she is so loved!!!


Lindsay said...

Cute post and pictures. I will have to get some from you. Can't believe Blakers is ONE! Love that little girly!

Karalee said...

Happy birthday Blakelee!!! What a cute party and I love seeing all the pics! Nice job mommy K :)

Caitlyn said...

I can't believe we both have a one year old! It's so crazy how fast they really do grow. She is such a sweetie!