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Monday, June 24, 2013

San Diego

 Griffins brother Devin graduated from Medical School this year so for a graduation vacation he wanted to go to San Diego and invited his family. So we got it planned for June 1-8. I had to work on the 1st just for a few hours. When I got home we finished packing up and headed to the air port to start our vacation. It amazes me at how much stuff you need to pack when you have a baby... we were loaded!! Golf clubs, 3 bags, stroller, car seat, base, diaper bag, and my purse. 
(Pictures galore! If you know me you know I LOVE pictures)
Blakelee did really good on the flight. She was a bit fussy but for the most part she hung out and played with her toys. We had a layover in Arizona, the nice thing was that we didn't have to get off the plane. It was a lot less stressful that way.
When we finally got to Cali we met up with everyone except Eric and April. They said they couldn't make it on the trip. We checked into our hotel and went to Denny's for Dinner. We were all exhausted from traveling all day so we went back to our rooms and went to bed. 

One the 2nd we all woke up to go get breakfast. Dev and Griff went to hit some golf balls in the morning. Eric and April surprised us all and ended up coming on the trip! We went to McDonald's for breakfast. Once the boys came back from golf we all got ready for the day and went to the boardwalk to walk around and look at the gorgeous ocean!
Her teeth!!!
That night we all headed down to see a Padres Game!! I was so stoked to be at an MLB game!!! Griff and I  had planned on going to the game since we found out we were going to be in San Diego. Devin and Megan joined us. It was a blast!! I would totally go back. Blakelee was so tired Griffin rocked her to sleep!! He has the touch!
What a great night with great company!!

June 3rd all the guys went to Torrey Pines to golf around so us girls had to pack up the cars, check out of the hotel and we hit the shops!! We shopped till we dropped for sure. All the babies were awesome troopers too. 
Torrey Pines was amazing they said!! Right on the Ocean and perfect greens.
They said it was one to check off the bucket list. I am so happy they had so much fun on such an amazing course.
The bunker that Tiger shot from.
After a fun field day we finally met up with each other and unloaded our things into a beautiful Beach House. Debbie and Scott got us this beach house for the rest of the week. They also paid for our hotel!! Wow how generous!! It was amazing to be so close to the Ocean. Thank you again!!!
Once unloaded we went to Ralph's to pick up some food and goodies for Disney the next day.

We woke up super early on June 4th to get ready for our fun day in Disneyland. We had some discount tickets that we got, thank heavens!! Tickets are pricey!! We finally made it to the park around 11am. A little later then planned but there was a few bumps in the road during our 2 hour drive their. But we made it to the happiest place on earth. We were stoked to have Blake there for her first time. Yet we knew that it was going to be a very different Disney day then the past. We of course went straight to Cars Land to ride the new ride... except the fast passes were out for the day and the line was over 2 hours. We were only there for 1 day and wanted to get as much in as possible so to decided not to wait but to go to the other rides.
They give out these super cute pins for all occasions!! So we picked one up for all the babies since it was all their first time to the park.
Of course we got a Mickey treat!!
After spending hours in California Adventures we made it to Disneyland!!!
We went on tons of rides and even walked through Tarzan's Tree House!!
I LOVE Indiana Jones!!
Favorite ride ever.
After we rode so many rides and spent such a fun day with our families we watched the Fire Work Show!!
Then Griff, Dev, and I might have hurried and got on Space Mt. I love this ride too!!
Holy Moly what a fun day. It was very different with a baby but every one was so helpful in watching the babies as others went on rides (thank you to those who helped with Blake!!!) It was a busy day and we were all worn out. Once we made the long drive home we all crashed and burned.

Wednesday morning we woke up and Eric and April had left to get him back to work. So the rest of us took the morning very easy. We ordered pizza and sat around to chit chat. Dev and Griff decided to got to Pelican Hill in Newport for a round of golf for the day. So the rest of us hit the beach. It was such a nice day! Beau and Blake loved the sand so much that they ate it!! Haha. Both of them were not huge fans of the cold ocean but they were amazingly good during the day at the beach.
Oh how I love this pictures!! Cousins playing in the sand. It was both of their first time at the beach so of course Meg and I were obsessed with getting as many pictures as we could!! :D
His first time in the ocean.
Her first time touching the Ocean!!
Mmmm Sand!! Hahah.
Pelican Hill was so beautiful. Griff almost loved it more then Torrey. 
After wards we picked up KFC and a movie for the night. We had a relaxing night at the beach house.

The next day on Thursday the 6th we made it to the Zoo!! What a great day, the weather was perfect and the zoo was huge and perfect. 
First thing we hopped on the Double Decker bus to see most of the zoo so that way we could walk to what we really wanted and had not seen on the bus. The zoo was a lot of up and down hills. We did a ton of walking around to see everything we could. The one thing we did not get to see was the Monkeys... Dang it!! It was up a ton of stairs and the escalator that usually takes you to them was broken. So with strollers it would have been the biggest pain. But other then that I am pretty sure we saw everything that everyone wanted to.
How cool is this!?? 
They had foot massages along the paths that you just paid .25 and it made your feet feel great!
I loved the Panda Bears!!!
Once we were done with the Zoo we went and meet up with Corbin, Karalee, and Chloe for dinner at BJ's restaurant. It was delish. They live in Cali for the Military so it was way fun to hang out with them while we were there. 
The next day on Friday we decided to have another Beach Day until the boys went to play Mission Bay for Golf. It was a much colder beach day but it was great to finally get our boys by the ocean. Devin was daring enough to actually swim in the water. Haha. It was a short trip to the beach then back to the Beach House to get ready to go shopping a little bit. We then got freshened up and went to the Pier for some amazing Pictures!!
I love the Pier so much!
We of course had to eat at Old Town. They have the best Mexican Food ever. 
Griff and I decided it would be fun to eat a Habanero Pepper. Griff had a bite or 2 and he hit hot. I ate like 4-5 bites and finally hit the hot!!!
Holy Moly it was bloody hot.
It burned my lips to the point it looked like I got injections in them haha!!
I will probably never eat those again!
Then Dev tried it and gave us a little dance move!!
On Saturday the 8th it was time to pack up and head home!! :(
Sad to see a vaca come to the end but excited to get Blakelee back on her routine and in her crib. She was so thrown off her nap and bed time routine.
We got everything into our cars and headed to the airport.
Griff and I had a Jeep this trip. It was so fun to drive around and have something so different then what we have at home. I loved this car!!
We were on the same flight home with the family. 
We had a layover in Vegas for just over an hour then next stop... Home!!!
What a fun trip.
Thank you so much for the invite Devin and Megan.
And thank you so much for the Hotel and Beach House Scott and Debbie.
We had a blast going to all the fun places. It was a very full week of fun, I think everyday we went or did something. 
Love family Vacations.

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