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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

7 Months

This little munchkin is already 7 months old!! She is the sweetest, cutest little girl ever. We can not get enough of her. We look forward to getting her out of bed in the mornings just to see that perfect grin. She is growing up and learning so much each and every day. 
Blakelee just loves her food she has started actually sucking her food out of those smoothie pouches. She says Mmmm every once in a while as she eats. She loves playing with the spoon after she eats (if we spoon feed her). She even tries to steal the spoon from us to feed herself. She wants to be independent. That is why those pouches are so perfect for her. She is still eating 6oz for her bottle every 3-4 hours, depending on solids and nap times it can change. She LOVES her nap times. If she wakes up before 9am we feed her and put her right back down. If she wakes up after 9am we feed her and let her play until 10:30ish then she goes down. She will usually sleep 2-4 hours wake up for a bottle and then go back down around 2ish. Then she will be up the rest of the night until bed time which use to be 9pm but she has started wanting to go down closer to 8pm. (depends on how busy her day was, and how well she napped).
I know it doesn't look like it but this girl is so happy and so easy going!! She can be very serious and very concerned when she is unsure of the situation. But she loves to giggle, smile, and play! It amazes me how patient she is. There will be days that we are running all over town and she won't be able to nap in her crib, she will only get a small nap and she will still be so happy. Very rarely does she get way fussy. Only when she is hungry or poopy. 
She has started teething (the last few months) and still no teeth are officially broken through. She will chew on her fingers, binky and basically anything that she can get her hands on just to soothe the pain that she is feeling. Every once in a while she cries while grabbing her gums because she is in so much pain... it breaks my heart!!! So we give her Tylenol and her binky then I snuggle her until she calms down. I wish one tooth would pop threw.
Little Blake is rolling all over the place I lay her down in the TV room and let her free. She started army crawling on May 11th!!!! I came home from work and as she was rolling around I noticed that she would get on her elbows and toes then push herself forward. As of yesterday she has started using her knees just a bit more. I am SO proud of her. I do realize that she will be all over the place now, even more then she was with rolling, but it is so fun watching her learn and hit these milestones. 
That same day she started sitting up by herself. And when I say that I mean she would be laying down and lift herself up from the ground!!! Those ab muscles are strong :)!!
I love these milestones so much.
She has started giving kisses and loves!! When she is just so excited to see you and you pick her up she will nuzzle her head into the shoulder neck area and giggle!!! She will also, with an open mouth, lean in to give you a big wet kiss haha. It is the cutest thing ever. My mom gets the most kisses, every time she hold Blake she usually gets one. She loves to jibber jabber all day long. I just wish that she would say a word. A few months ago she would say "mmm-ooo-m" but that was the only day she did that. We are working with her on Momma and Dadda hoping one day she picks it up. We also have been working on Hi!!! That was my favorite word when I was little and I think it would be so cute if she said "HI." Sometimes it sounds like she says it, but I know she isn't. 
B loves Disney movies and practically any cartoon on tv. She is my tatter tot!!! Don't worry we don't use it as a babysitter but we usually have it on as background noise and she will get glued to it when there are colors or cartoons haha!!
She is SO long and our little chunk but we love her. She has started thinning out a bit with all the movement that she doing. When she lays flat on her back and her realize how long she is you can notice how skinny her belly is. But when she is sitting she has a cute Buddha Belly!! She is wearing 6-9 month clothes so you know she is right on track with her size!! :D
B looks a lot like her daddy but.... she also looks a lot like me when you look at her eyes, ears, and lips they are mine! She looks a ton like both our baby pictures, it is so crazy!!! She changes so much so fast I look back at her newborn and 1 month pictures and then look at these and she has grown and changed so much!!! I honestly never thought I would see her grow up this fast. When she was 6 months I just figured that was as big as she would get hahah I know it sounds silly but I never thought I would be a mom to a 7 month old this fast. She is closer to being 1 years old everyday. I can not wait to spoil her!!!
We love B so dang much!!!!! We say it everyday how much we just LOVE her.
She is perfect!!

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