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Monday, April 1, 2013

La La Loopsy Ryssa's Party

My little Laryssa is 4!!!!
It is so crazy how fast those 4 years went by... She is seriously one of the smartest and cutest little girls I have ever seen. She knows so much it blows my mind. I swear every time I go over to my sisters house Laryssa is saying something or doing something that I don't even think I did till I was 10!! Haha!! She knows the ABC's, counting, spelling, sounding words out, painting, coloring in the lines, gymnastics, dance moves, quotes movies, sings, draws a picture a day, and so much more. She is amazing and it makes me so proud of her!! I love being an aunt to her.

For her 4th birthday she wanted to have all her family meet her at Zupas for dinner. It is her favorite place to eat. She loves the Wisconsin Cauliflower Soup!!! Afterwards we went back to my sisters house for dessert and gifts. My sister made the cutest La La Loopsy fondant cake. It was delicious. Laryssa got so many awesome gifts!!!!
She is a nut haha!! Never just smiles in the pictures!!
See... haha she loves pulling faces.
Good job Lou!!! It turned out so great!!!
We gave her Candy Land! I can not wait to play it with her.
She was given roller blades and a scooter. She is loving the warmer weather so that she can play with her presents.
Baby Jae wanted to do everything that her Big sister was doing. She is the cutest little 1 year old!! 
Love this family SSOOO much I am such a proud aunt!! 
Love you Punkin!! Can't believe you are 4 years old already. :)

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