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Friday, April 5, 2013

Fire and Ice

On March 23rd was Griffin's work party Fire and Ice!! (Back Tracking here).
It was such a fun night out. We dropped Blake off at my sisters and headed downtown to The Complex. They had gambling tables, food, music, and much more. Griff was in heaven he loved that he was able to play all the poker he wanted. They gave us $100 worth in chips that you were able to play with and at the end of the night for every $100 you had you were given a raffle ticket to enter into some drawings for some amazing prizes!! 
After playing some 21 and poker we hit the Craps table. I have never known how to play this one but Griff loved it so he taught me how it works. He rolled for about 20 minutes straight!! Hahah the whole table was so happy with all his rolls. He was on fire. 
He made $2500 worth in chips so we were given 25 raffle tickets. We should've placed them all in one bowl for just one prize but we split them up in a few bowls... so we didn't win anything!! Dang it. But it was still a lot of fun. After they did the drawing we headed back to my sisters to pick up Blakelee and headed home.
It was nice to have a night to hang out and have a little date night. I don't feel like we get many of these anymore. We love having Blake tag along but it is nice every now and again to have a night out!!

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