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Thursday, April 4, 2013

6 month Appointment

I took Blakelee to her 6 month appointment on Wednesday March 27th. When I went into her room in the morning she was all smiles!!! She is always all smiles it is the cutest thing ever. She gets so happy in the mornings. 
Her appointment went really well. She is 36 % in her head, 58% in weight and 81% in length! She is going to be really tall. Poor thing had to get shots... it breaks my heart every time she has to go through those dang shots!! She looks at me all sad and worried. She starts shaking the minute it happens and then her bottom lip sticks out and the crying starts right after. All I can do is hold her hands until they are all done. I pick her up and she looks at me like "why did you let that happen??" I just want to cry every time I see her in pain. 
She is the most precious little girl ever!! 
Love her!!!!


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