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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Witching Hours

For Halloween this year we were able to dress up a cute little girl!! She was a witch. We got a cute onesie for a shower that had a witch on it, it was a little big for her but she looked so darn cute. During the day I went with my sister to watch Laryssa do her gymnastics then we went to South Town Mall to get Blakelee her Blessing Dress (such a cute dress!!). We then got some lunch with Zach at Fire House Subs. I had never eaten there before, it was SO good!! I then headed home for a nice massage. Griff knew that I was very sore from delivering Blakelee, stress, holding and taking care of her, and just every day life. So he made me a massage appointment at Massage Envy. It was so nice to have a relaxing hour and getting pampered!!! After my massage I hurried home to get Blakelee and me ready for our night out. We then loaded the car and all headed to Lindsay's house for White Chili and Halloween fun.
Don't you just love her adorable bright eyes?? She is my Favorite!!
After chili we all headed out so the girls could trick or treat around the neighborhood. As we were out we went to this house that puts on a Thriller performance. They dress up all zombie like and do all kinds of Halloween dances. The house is all decked out as well!! Most of the houses in the neighborhood go all out with this holiday. They had chain saw guys chasing people and masked guys going around just to spook you!!!
The cutest mermaid and monkey ever!!
After watching all the dances and enjoying the fun we decided that we better load up and go visit Griff's family.
Aren't they so cute?? :) Beau was so stinking adorable in his big pumpkin costume.  We had to try to hurry to get these pictures because both of them were super tired, hungry and needed a bum change haha!!
It was now time to get her out of her costume and into her pj's for the night!!
She did such a good job being such a super cute witch!
What a fun Halloween, we are so happy to have our sweet girl to celebrate all the Holidays with!!

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