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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fally Time

Griff, Blakelee and I decided that we would take a drive up the canyon to see all the gorgeous fall leaves!! Well we were about 2 weeks to late to see to many red, yellow, and orange's!! Down towards the bottom of the canyon were the most pretty leaves... but as we drove to far up the leaves were already fallen off and dead haha!! Dang it!!
We did have a lot of fun taking a fun drive together and enjoying the fall weather. Next year we will have to be more on top of the timing and get up in the mountains much earlier.
I love fall!! The crisp in the air, boots, hoodies, blankets, hot coca, the smell of the heater in the house, changing of the leaves, the fun Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations in my house, and all the fun activities that come with this season!!

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