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Saturday, November 10, 2012

1..2..3.. Suprise!!!

On October 22nd we had a surprise birthday party for my moms 50th!! Lindsay and Debbie Donaldson put so much time into making this day so special. I didn't do much but I did try to help as much as I could. We reserved the up stairs at Spaghetti Factory for that night and all waited until my mom arrived! She was so surprised, we had told her that just her and dad were meeting Lindsay, Zach, Griff, and me for dinner. Little did she know that she was going to be having lots more people at dinner. She opened her gag gifts.. haha she got some way funny things!! Lots of Over the Hill things, big undies, depends, glasses, medicine case, chocolate, and many more things!! After gifts we had dinner!! Yummy!! Love pasta, it was very delicious. Next.. Cake!!! We all sang happy birthday to her and ate the scrumptious cake!! We had a very fun group of people to spend the night with, it was a perfect party!!
Lisa and Bree... Missing Russ, he is in the gift picture.
Boyd and Rach
Sherri and Ron
John and Cathy
Our old Bishop and his wife (I was only about 5 years old so I don't remember their names..)
 and Dave and Sherry.
Lindsay and Zach
Kelly and Debbie
George and Debbie
My Hubby!
Trent and Karen
Grandma and Grandpa
Kortney and Jason
The Birthday Girl and my dad!
Blakelee Girl!!
Love you mom hope you had a fun night!

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