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Thursday, December 8, 2011

We got to meet him!!!!

My mom won tickets to go downtown and meet David Archuleta!!
It was such a fun night out.
We took trax downtown then went to the Joseph Smith Building.
They had a room for us and there was only about 20 people total in the whole room to meet David.
So when we first got there they had little finger foods for us all to eat.
Then we took some pictures while we waited for him to arrive...
.. And we continued to wait!
He was very busy this night with lots on his "to do list!"
So he was a bit late but he did make it!! :)
This was the first night for the Christmas Lights and we had the best view of the Beautiful Temple Grounds!!
He made it!!
Just getting ready to meet him.
Getting is Autograph!
He had a cold this night so his voice was raspy.
But what a sweetheart.
Very soft spoken but so nice and cute!
What fun experience that we will never forget!
Such a great night!!!

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