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Friday, December 16, 2011

Thanksgiving Point Lights!!

Last weekend Griff and Stephen surprised Lara and I with a night out to
Thanksgiving Point to look at the lights.
It is so fun to go look at the lights..
.. You don't have to walk around in the cold you get to drive your car around and see all the fun lights!!
They really did such a good job!!
It puts the biggest smile on my face to see Christmas Lights!
Griffin is just the sweetest guys ever!!!
He knows how much I love Christmas and he made this night all about it! :D
Ginger Bread House!!!
All done with the drive and the festive lights!!
As we were driving out they had the real meaning of Christmas saying and Pictures along the side of the road.
What a fun night out with our friends!!
Doing what we do best..
.. Celebrating the Holidays!!!


Stephen and Lara said...

That was way fun!! Sorry if I was cranky towards the end haha. I was very tired and sad about giving my puppy away :(

I've decided we all need to go ice skating!

Also, Stephen and I were talking about doing a trip down to Moab when it gets warmer and we want to do a river-rafting day trip. We want you guys to come with us!

Bland's said...

It was way fun!! Heck yes lets do it all!! I can't even wait :D