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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween Night

On Halloween we went to Lindsay's for some white chili and to watch the girls go Trick or Treating.
Laryssa is the one who went Trick or Treating and Jaelyn just slept in her moms arms.
They were dressed so cute!!
Ryss was so funny she was so excited to run up to the doors and get free candy.
She would say "Tank You" To everyone who gave her candy! :)
She got to go with all of her friends from the neighborhood.
After dinner Zach took her girl back out to hit the big houses!!
Down at the big houses they were doing the Thriller Dance.
Most of the kids were scared of the dancers all dressed up scary but Zach said Ryss was loving every minute!!
She was such a cute Skeleton!
We celebrated mom's birthday this night!!
What a fun night with the family!!
Time to call it a night!

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