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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Chop or Not?

My hair is now where I have been wanting it for so long!!
It grows so slow...
.. I am loving that it is long but at the same time I am getting sick of it not doing what I want it to do!
Should I cut it??
I am scared to cut it but it would be nice to have a new look!!
Help me decide!
Let me know what you think..
... Long or Short!


About Us said...

LONG! Oh, what I would give to have your hair. ;) I say keep it. Because one day when you are old long hair won't be as cool. lol

Welling's said...

I had long hair and then decided to cut if for a new look. I regretted it shortly after! I now have some extensions back in my hair! But short is cute too! I would wait a couple weeks and still see if you want to cut it.