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Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Batch Party

On September 17th we threw Laura a batchlorette Party before she got married.
It was such a fun party all thanks to one of Laura's best friend Courtnie!!
She did almost all of the work, I feel awful that I couldn't help out more...
... Thank you Court for your house and hard work to pull this night off!

To kick off the night a few of us got together to decorate the house.
The streamers were so cute the way we had it but they ended up falling...
... Dang it haha so we impervised!!
The original plan was Cheesecake factory...
... But it was Homecoming and a weekend!!
So we went with plan B, Olive Garden!
We met the other girls at dinner and had so much fun celebrating her last weekend as a Batchlorette and her Birthday!
My two Bestest Friends!!!
I love these girls!!!
Her awesome Tattoo!!
You rock Laura J!
Thank you Courtney for the Amazing Bunt Cake!!
It was so yummy and so adorable.
The Bubble Gum game!!
If you have never played it, you need to try it out!!
What you do is call the soon to be Hubby and ask him all kinds of questions like:
Where was your first kiss?
How did you meet?
What is her Favorite food?
and for every question the soon to be wife gets wrong they have to put a bubble gum in their mouth.
It is pretty funny and way fun!!
Shows how much you know about each other and what you need to learn before the big day :D
Sexy nighty time!!
She got some super cute things!!!
The night was a success!
Such a fun night with some of my best friends!!

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