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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Jaelyn Faye Shore

On Friday September 9th 2011
My baby niece Jaelyn was born.
She joined us at 2:12pm weighing 5 pounds 15 Ounces 18 Inches long.
She is a tiny little thing but the crazy thing is, she is bigger then her bigger sister was...
... only by 3 ounces and 3 inches!
My nieces are super tiny and I love it!!!

Getting ready to head to the hospital to meet the precious angel!
Ryssa and I so excited to go see Jae!!!
The whole day we would ask Ryss if she was excited to have a baby sister and she wouldn't say much...
... She was ignoring us!!
But she loves her sister dearly and will say "I love my baby!! I give her kisses"
It is so adorable!!
Running to the room to her family!
Family Picture!!
Such a cute family.
Holding her sister for the first time! :D
LOVE being an Auntie!!
It is so much fun!
I love my cute girls so so so much <3
Uncle Griffin!
He loves being an uncle and he is so good at it!!!
Sisters hanging out together getting some good bonding time!

Pictures that my sister took of her baby girl!!
Aren't they amazing??
I love them!!
She is such a precious little one I love her!!


Lindsay said...

Laryssa was actually 21 inches long. She weighed less, but was longer!

Stephen and Lara said...

ahhh she is so cute!