"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy."

Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Feelings

Today I am so very excited to be all done with work and be home!
It makes everything seem so in order when you are off work and doing what makes you happy...
... Not that I'm not happy with what I do but I am so tired of working long weeks.
Usually I have to work Saturday's but I don't this Saturday because my Best Friend is getting married to her sweetheart!!!
So I can not wait to go to be able to join her on her special day :)
And I also can not wait to just have the day to do what I want!!

My Hubby is so darn cute!!!
He knows that I have been working very hard and he appreciates it very much so he said he would take me out this weekend or just let me decide what sounds fun...
... So I can have a great weekend!!

Oookkk I do have to admit I am excited for fall..
... I mean what is there not to love about sweaters, boots, scarfs, colored leave, Halloween, hot coca, and snuggling up in blankets for movie nights??
I do love this season even though I am 100% a summer soul.
I will be happy in an season :)
Halloween is one of my favorite Holidays..
... Well if you know me at all I love all Holidays haha!!
But I love everything about Halloween so I can not wait!!
It will be here super soon,
Heck it is almost October!!!
That's all folks!!!
xoxo, Me!!

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