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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Words Wednesday!!

As many of you might already know I have a new job. I still work at Sportclips but I also do Laser Hair Removal at the Sanctuary Day Spa in the mall, but the laser section is separately owned by Forum Laser!! I love it so much it is such a great job with a great schedule. My boss made my schedule perfectly to work with Sportclips.
My sister-in-law Whitney is who to thank for it all. She helped me get the "in"!!
Thank you Whit!!
I work their Monday, Thursday, and Friday. On Monday's and Thursday's I work both jobs which make for a long but reward full day. Then the other days I work one or the other! I am so happy to be doing everything that I went to school for. It makes my time so worth it!!

Griff and I have been really working hard to keep up on dishes and laundry while working super crazy schedules. Needless to say we have been very successful at it. He has really helped me out when I am working late. He even has been helping with making us dinner! What a sweetie!!

I can not even believe that it is August!! Holy Moly!!! This summer better start slowing down and fast!! It is almost Griffin's birthday... And lets just say I feel like the Worlds Worst Wife!! He spoiled me so amazing for my birthday and now with my new job I can't really take the time off to make his day all about him! So we are trying to figure something out which #1 bugs because I always surprise him on his special day and #2 bugs because I feel like I have lost my touch....
When we were dating I always had something up my sleeve for Holidays and Birthdays but it is a lot trickier when you are married and share a bank account.

On a happier note we leave for Disneyland in 2 weeks!! Griff and I are going with his family. It is going to be so much fun to see everyone. We will be celebrating our 1 year Anniversary the day we get back from this vacation!! So Disneyland will actually be our 1 year getaway!! :D

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