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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Water Slides...

... At Raging Waters.
Or I guess I should say 7 Peaks!!
Our Friends Courtnie and Sean got us in with Court's work.
It was a Gorgeous day the sun was so hot and so bright!
When we first got there we went down a few slides that you don't need a tube for.
Then went to the Wave Pool.
It was so fun swimming around with all the waves!!
At 3:00 they closed the park to the public and it was just open to her work.
So at 3:30 we got a tube for free and went on tons of fun slides...
... There were a few that I swear I caught air on!! Haha!
Next over to the Lazy River :D
So Relaxing!!
Soaking up the Amazing Rays!!
We had so much fun in the sun with our good friends!!
I love summer!!!
The fun just keeps on coming!!


Bryan and Dayna said...

We tried taking my boys there on thursday night and it was closed!! I was so mad;) Glad you had fun!

Bland's said...

That was the night we were their haha! Im sorry it was closed... It is such a fun water park you guys will have to go try again!! :D