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Sunday, July 10, 2011

One of my Best Birthdays!!!

On July 1st it was my 23rd Birthday!!
It was such a blast.

In the morning I went to Breakfast with my mom, Lindsay, and Laryssa.
After enjoying a yummy breakfast my mom and I went to the pool.
It was such a perfect day the sun was shinning and was so warm!!!
Thank you mom for such a fun morning and afternoon!

Afterwards Griff came and picked me up for a Night full of Surprises.
First things first he gave me my present....
... In the gift bag there was his phone!!
Hmmm that's odd haha.
Well on his phone there was a picture of the Little America Hotel in SLC!!
He surprised me with a night at Little America.
It was the Best birthday present :D
So thoughtful!!!!!
For dinner we went to Rumbi's...
...Then off to the hotel!
It is seriously the cutest Hotel EVER!!!
We will be staying there again.
Our little balcony just outside our room.
The bathroom is HUGE!!!
The next surprise was...

We had some delicious dessert.
Love fondue.
Hahah LOVE him!!!!
When we got back from dessert we got on our swimming suits for some more swimming!!
There is 2 pools at this hotel.
One outside in the middle of the hotel parking lot..
.. and the other upstairs, it was an inside outside pool!
We choose the inside outside pool!! :D
The sunset while at the pool!
After swimming we decided to order room service!!
I had never ordered room service before so I was super Excited!!!
Chicken Fingers hahah!!!!
It was seriously the best Birthday Ever!!!!
In the morning we got me all ready and left...
...Dang it for work...
But on a good note, Work decorated my station!!
Thank you Mom, Griffin, and work!!
It was such a fun birthday!!

Little America was such a wonderful present!!!
Babe you are the Best!!!

P.S. Not only was it my Birthday!!
It was my cute Sister-In-Law Megan's!!
We love you Meg hope your birthday was so much fun :D


Court said...

Looks like it was a blast guys!! Im so glad you had a good bday, griff is a cutie!!

Cami said...

looks like so much fun! :) yay for birthdays. your hair is getting so long, i'm super jealous!

Bland's said...

Thank Cami and Court you girls are so sweet!!! It was sure fun and I was Super bummed to see the day come to an end! Love and miss you ladies.