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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Best BBQ Ever!

A week ago Griff and I hosted a Summer BBQ at our house.
It was such a success!!!
Almost everyone came which means we had So many of our friends there.
I believe around 20 people.
Thank you everyone for coming it seriously was so much fun.
We kicked off the night with some Hamburger and Hot Dogs!!
Everyone had a good time enjoying some food and chatting.
Lara and Me!
Cutest Husband in the world!!
Next...We got our Latter and put it over the fence so we could all get over.
We were on a mission to find the best biggest hill for some Ice Blocking.
We found it!!!
In the Elementary Grounds!
Ice Blocking is so fun!!
Who knew that sitting on a large Ice Cube and sliding down a hill would be so entertaining :D
Everyone had a blast!! I believe almost everyone went at least once down!!
I did!!
But my camera battery was dead during my turn... yes It is scary yet fun!
Pretty sure Griff and Steve were Pro Ice Blockers by the end of the Night!.
How cute is it that everyone Almost Everyone who came was either Married or Engaged!!
I love that our friends are getting married it is so fun hanging out with them and their better half's.
Haha what an adventure for them!
Griff took a pretty Good spill...
... But we got out all the Grass Stains :D
We will be doing this BBQ again!!!
It was so fun.
Loved every minute of this night.

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