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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Time for a Trim..

Yesterday I headed over to my Sister's house to cut her hair.
From being Prego her hair has been growing SO fast!!
When she sat in the chair,
and draped her, Ryss says
"I cut"
She wanted her hair cut!
So after cutting Lindsay's hair we put Ryss in the hot seat!
She was SO very excited!
Before the Trim!
Getting ready to cut her hair.
Telling her that she needs to sit very still, Like a Statue!!
How adorable!!
Her feet are hanging out the side :D
She is much to small still to sit with her back against the back of the chair.
So we had to make it work with her sitting sideways!

Hahah what a little stinker!!
I had the section all ready for the cut and right as I was about to cut it,
She moves!!
She then thought she was so funny because we laughed.
So she kept doing it...
She was holding semi still and we got most of her hair cut...
She then moved again.... A LOT!!
So Lindsay had to hold her head.
We finally got it all trimmed up!!
We forgot to get an after shot...
So this is the best I got!
She was rummaging through my cutting bag and finding all shorts of fun things haha!!!
Cute Doo
Ryssa Roo!!!


S and L said...

you did a great job...you should of gotten a before and after pic of Lindsay too! LOL

Bland's said...

I know I need to be better about taking before and after pics of everyones hair!! I'm sure I will be cutting and coloring Lindsay's hair again very soon she already has an inch of re growth!