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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Day

On Easter Morning I had an Easter egg hunt for Griffin.
Also I had a few things laid out for us from the Easter Bunny.
We went over to my parents for an Easter dinner.
They gave us a Ready Set Go.. A food storage kit... and a gravy shaker.
Hiding the eggs for Laryssa's Hunt!!
Zach's all ready for the hunt!!!
She found all the Eggs!!! It was the cutest thing ever.
She would say " I found one!"
Love my Handsome Man!!
Love spending the Holidays with him!!
Opening gifts from Grandma.
She got tons of cute clothes and shoes and a sticky frog!
She had a blast blowing bubbles with Griffin.
Almost time for Dinner!
Yup Ryssa's Mom or Dad put on her Easter Dress but forgot to cut off and put on the undie part!!!
Dessert! :D
Grandma Payne made Cupcakes!
We then went over to Griffin's parents for a movie night and goodies.
It was a great Easter :D
I hope you all had a great one as well!!!

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