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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gone Golfing~

Today Griff and I went Golfing at the Ranches in Eagle Mt.
It was my first time golfing with Griff, other then just hitting a bucket of balls!
We had a blast, Oh and I got to drive the Golf Cart :D So fun...

 ...But yet SO cold haha.
 Griff in his swing.
Man he sure can hit a golf ball.... He is so good!

 LoVe my Handsome Golfer!!!

 He is all set!!
 and Putter.

 Hole in One!
 It was raining but it didn't stop us!!
Then it started snowing...
He kept  playing and playing so good.
I am not really sure how all the terms work with birdie, eagle, boogie and such but i do know that He was under par or even. If I said it right.. You would have to ask him haha!!!
 This right here is Griffs other Love... Such an awesome part of his Golf Bag!!
 Me pretending like I know what I'm doing!
He looks so Handsome.

And this was the Blands day out at the Golf Course!!
Such a fun day.
Thanks babe for helping me learn the ways of golfing. Maybe one day I will actually be able to play like you haha!! (not likely)

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