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Monday, February 21, 2011

What a Nut!!

Laryssa has such a little Personality. It is the best thing in the world to see her gain more and more of a personality!! The other day my mom and I were running a few errands and I turn around to take a picture of my adorable Niece and she..... Closes her eyes real fast!! She was pretending to be asleep hahah.

 Yet again I turn around to take another and she does the same thing!!
So both my mom and I start laughing so she knows she is being funny...So she keeps doing it :)

Lets just say you CAN NOT get enough of this little girl!
She is so entertaining and so sweet. I just love her to death :)
She makes your day the best day ever just by a hug or kiss or a really good laugh.
Love you Ryssa Babyyy!!! xoxo


S and L said...

She was so much fun, even though she didn't feel 100%! She is such a cutie pie and so much fun to be around!

Lindsay said...

It is so funny when she does that! Zach and I are always laughing at her when she does it!