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Sunday, February 13, 2011


...A few days Early!!
Griff and I got together with our Adorable Friends Lara and Steve.
Our original plan was to go to the Melting Pot.... Sadly we could not get a Reservation there so when we went their to see how long the wait was it was much to long for us to wait. So we went with Plan "B" which was eating at California Pizza Kitchen!!

 ...Lets just say the Pizza there is Delicious...

 After Dinner was over we got on Trax to head back to our cars.
It is so fun going out with these guys we always have such a good time no matter what we are doing!!

Thanks Honey for such a fun night out!!!
Some say they hate Valentines Day but they are just Party Poopers!
Who doesn't like a reason to go out to dinner with the people they Love?
I have always loved this Holiday <3

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