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Sunday, February 27, 2011


 We all love to Scrapbook :)
There was an over nighter scrapbooking party this weekend I could not do the over nighter so in the morning I met up with my mom and second mom Debbie. We started bright and early at 8am had breakfast, then at about noon they brought in Kneaders for lunch!! Delicious.

 We had until 5pm to get as much done as we could.
I got only 4 spreads done. I wish I was much faster but I guess taking time and making it look good is the best way to go.
I am working on our Florida/Bahama Honeymoon... I am only at the beginning but it is looking SO good! :)

Can not wait till I am all finished with it.
Then we will have 2 scrapbooks, this one and Griffin's Mission!!
Love pictures and memories best thing ever.

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The Crummy Graham Family said...

You guys look so cute and so happy! I never even said congrats on your wedding but CONGRATS!!!! You guys are adorable and i'm so happy for you!