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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Niece or Nephew??

This September we will be so Lucky to have another cute baby in our Family!!
My cute Sister is Prego and my whole family is So Excited.

 We are so IN LOVE with this cutie pie, it is going to be so fun to have another sweet boy or girl running around!!!

 Laryssa will be such a cute big sister.
It is so cute when you ask what is in Mommy's Tummy she says "baby!"
But then she points to her self and says "BABY!"
Hahah silly girl!

We love being an Aunt and Uncle.
It is the best thing in the world <3


Cami said...

how exciting..

pretty soon you'll be the one bringing the little ones in the world :)

M-Cat said...

YAY!!!! C'mon, it's making you baby hungry isn't it? : )

S and L said...

Ryssa Roo has grown up so fast and is so dang cute! I can't wait for another little one running around. HUMMM...waiting, waiting, waiting to see what it'll be?????