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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fat Cats Bowling...

For Debbie's Birthday!!
Before we went to show off our Bowling Skills we gave Debbie her Birthday Present...
We all pitched in so she can go pick out exactly what she wants, so Whit was super Creative and made a sign put it on a cute purse lamp so Debs knew what she was getting!!

 Time for Bowling.
Lets just say I am not the best bowler in fact I barely brake 100 haha!
But it is so fun to be out with family.

 Griff and I

 Scott and Debbie

 Jesse and Whitney

 We got what is called the "Family Plan"
You get 2 hours of bowling, Pizza, Drinks, and Yummy Bread sicks!!
What a deal.

 What a fun Tradition we have made for Debbie's Birthday!! Last year we did the same thing!!!
We all just wish everyone could have made it... We missed out on having Devin, Megan, Eric, and April there to share this fun day!!
Happy Birthday Debbie thank you for such a fun night out!!!

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