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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 3...

...Your idea of the perfect first date.
 As you all probably know Griff and I met in High School in our Sophmore Spanish Class (Picture Shown Above). We hit it off right away.
For our First Date we went to the Movie 'Stuck on You' and Griff held my hand for the first time!! I was the Luckiest Girl :D...
...And I still am!!
 For me That was a perfect first date...But we have had MANY perfect dates through out the years.
...4 wheeling..
...Dinner at some super fancy and amazing places...
Movies, Las Vegas, Yellow Stone, Boating, Hiking, Hot Tubing,
and Much Much more that I could spend hours posting... Being together over 7 years gives you all the time to explore and share fun dates together!
I am not picky when it comes down to dates with my guy as long as I get to spend time with my Handsome Guy!!!
Our first date was simple but the most memorable ever. As you can tell it has been 7 years 2 months since and I remember every detail about it. I guess when you meet the one you are ment for the most important experences never leave you.

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